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MAX FABRIQUE - A holistic idea with reasonable and affordable possibilities.

A company with a culture, where the history of activity is built from the talent of high-quality implementation of the idea on site, the professional experience of each of our employees and the emotions of customers. Our unique difference from all other design services on the market is that each client is able to bring his own individual interior to life. Find a reflection of your personality in the smallest details of the author's space.

Man is the main and unique element of his environment. We appreciate this property when creating the basis for a design project.
A collective approach in the development of each project creates the basis for high-quality ideas and conditions for the right decisions without exception.

Dedicated service is at the heart of our brand culture.

We are developers of our own technologies, methods of creating projects of varying degrees of complexity and individual architectural solutions.

These techniques allow us to improve the quality of the results and give the desired effect while reducing the time spent by our staff. We do not tend to drag out the time of our clients.

By contacting us you get the most affordable price for a design project and work. Quality control at all stages, from the concept to the physical implementation of the project at the facility. No hidden fees and unnecessary services. We never increase the cost of a project or work after agreement with the customer. You always get real quality with the same result.


Max Marka

Chief Designer, founder of MAX FABRIQUE

Marked for Maxim

Tel: +971 58 581 0403

Dana Iskarova

 3D Modeling Department

Tel: +971 58 581 0403

Arseny Fetisov

Director of the Design Department

Tel: +971 58 581 0403

Magda Bates

Director of the Miami office

Tel: +1 305 363 89 84

Saska Mirjanic

Director of the European office

Tel: +41 78 311 12 10

Tel: +971 58 581 0403

Geeby Diallo


Tel: +971 58 581 0403

Hosea Gwamna


Tel: +971 58 581 0403

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