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Аннотация Архитектура

You can place an order for the development of a design project by calling: +971 58 581 0403. Or write to us:

Our work and our methodology for creating a design project is as convenient as possible for our clients.

We propose to create a project gradually with minimal costs, but not at the expense of quality.

You can always make a decision for yourself to work with us only at the stage of creating a design concept and further repairs are carried out by your contractor, or trust us and perform "turnkey repairs".
The client has the right to combine the stages of work as he pleases.

So that you do not waste your time, the Designer will come to your home or office free of charge. You can always choose the most appropriate option, namely:

1. Stage - the creation of a design concept for any interior. You just send us a plan of a room or apartment in any form (link to the photo, the photo itself from the phone or a scanned picture) with the dimensions and height of the ceilings applied. Next, we develop a Design Concept (with a complete development of the general concept of space using the example of one room of the designer's choice, with materials and furniture) in two colors with PHOTOREALISTIC 3D GRAPHICS for 99$ /M2

2. Stage - If you are satisfied with the design concept at the first stage, then we are ready to implement the concept into a finished project and carry it out on site. If you make the decision to implement the project with its contractor for repair and decoration, we manufacture a complete project documentation with the budget for materials and furniture, with complete drawings for 1999$/M2 for space of any complexity (no surcharges). The documentation is calculated based on the total footage of the entire space. When submitting the project documentation, you receive a project book and virtual reality glasses for a virtual walk through your future space.


Architectural supervision is FREE when ordering a design project.

We can manufacture furniture equipment according to an individual project.

We will order furniture equipment, lighting, premium plumbing (and not only, we will offer analogues) directly from factories abroad.

Our prices are the most optimal and affordable for people. We are an international team with over 10 years of experience worldwide. Our designers are an international team of professional designers, architects and creative professionals.



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